Photography – African Reflections

Reflections can be used to add ambience to a photograph.Β  While reflections may be photographed at any time of day and in any light, I often find that the hour just before sunrise is the ideal time of day to photograph them because the light is less harsh and the water is at its calmest. Reflections can add an interesting effect to the images. When on an African safari, water is your main reflection surface, be that a river, lake, waterhole or a puddle.

To photograph a mirror-like lake surface, the more still of the water surface, the more clear of the reflection. This can be challenging when it includes wildlife, particularly if they are in the water or drinking.

The perfect time to photograph a reflection is when the lighting source is in front of or side of the subject. The images on the reflection surface will look more clear. If the wind is calm, the chances of capturing a beautiful reflection can be greatly increased. I find two of the best times for photographing reflections are just before sunrise and sunset.