Gaining independence in 1990, Namibia is one of the world’s youngest nations.  It has an agelessness that is simply mesmerizing.  Namibia is a nation of grand landscapes that is home to tribes including the Himba and San (Bushman).  Namibia takes its name from the Namib Desert, whose sand dunes sweep down to the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Though southern Africa’s driest country, Namibia is widely regarded as one of the region’s finest wildlife destinations.  Along the shoreline of Skeleton Coast National Park desert-adapted elephant, giraffe, oryx (gemsbok) and kudu are hunted by lion, jackal and hyena. Further south, Cape Cross is home to one of the largest colonies of Cape fur seals anywhere in the world.

Etosha National Park is so large it can be seen from space.  The park is home to elephant, black rhino, big cats and a huge number of herbivores.  All are attracted by the salt licks and freshwater of this giant salt pan.  While Sossusvlei pan is perhaps better known for the epic sunsets that ignite the sky above the red sands of Dune 45.

Elsewhere in Namibia, Fish River Canyon, Africa’s largest, rivals all these natural sights when it comes to picture-postcard beauty.  The Bavarian architecture of Lüderitz and Swakopmund also deserve exploration.  Alongside the ghost town of Kolmanskop on the edge of the otherwise prohibited Sperrgebiet diamond mining area.



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We have a wide range of Namibia safaris, from small group departures to tailor-made fly-in safaris.  The safaris below are intended to give you inspiration of what is possible for your safari holiday.  Namibia is a place you'll never forget, with exquisite scenery that will make you feel like you're on another planet, some of the greatest wildlife watching on the continent, a plethora of unique desert-adapted flora and animals, and jaw-dropping natural treasures.

We have a wide range of Namibia safaris that are not featured on our website, and so it best to contact us to discuss your safari options.

Best time to visit Namibia

Namibia is about scenery, beautiful remoteness, and stunning lodging in some of the world's most remote locations. Namibia becomes uncomfortably hot in October, and game viewing is severely hampered by the brief but harsh rainy season that lasts from December to March. The ideal time to see wildlife is in the winter, from June through September.


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