An ancient land of Lemurs, Chameleons and Baobabs

Discover the wonder of one of the most unique islands in the world with a Madagascar Tour.  As the world’s second-largest island nation, Madagascar has a lot to offer, including UNESCO World Heritage sites. An internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot, its endemic flora and fauna have had close to 165 million years of isolation to develop into a veritable Noah’s Ark of unique species.

Madagascar is known for its remarkable biodiversity, and it is home to many unique and endemic plant and animal species.  Around 5% of the world’s known plant and animal species is estimated to be found only in Madagascar. This high level of endemism is due to the island’s long isolation from other land masses, allowing unique species to evolve over time.

The country’s lemurs surely take the crown of all Madagascar’s must-see species. Dotted about the island in many distinct habitats, one of the best places to observe the Diademed Sifaka and Indri, the largest of all lemurs, is Analamazoatra (Périnet) Reserve.  Part of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, it protects the last vestiges of pristine tropical rainforest on the island’s east coast.

On the west coast, visitors can explore the famed Avenue of Baobabs (Allée des Baobabs) and Spiny Forest before enjoying the white sand beaches of Ifaty or the tiny island of Nosy Be. Those who prefer canyons and rocky outcrops can head to Isalo and Andringitra National Parks among the island’s central highlands, where hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing are options, and getting there is all part of the adventure.


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