Where to go on an African Safari in September?

Where to go on an African safari in September?

Winter in East Africa and Southern Africa is now over, and the days are getting warmer.  September is still the dry season and combined with warmer days makes for one of the best months for an African safari.

Whether you are planning to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in East Africa, the waterways of the Okavango Delta in Botswana or experience a Big 5 safari in Kruger National Park timing is important. Our guidelines are based on our expert, on-the-ground knowledge of Africa’s travel seasons.


September is still high season in Kenya and Tanzania.  The wildebeest migration is still unfolding, with most herds on both sides of the border, in both the Masai Mara Game Reserve (Kenya) and the northern Serengeti National Park areas.  Most of the river crossings have finished, and now the herds are feasting on remaining grass, especially the females in calf, gaining condition and energy to start southwards again next month.

The Great Migration river crossings (July to September): This is your best chance to observe herds of animals in their hundreds as they cross Tanzania’s rivers on their epic migration across the continent.


Rwanda and Uganda are in the midst their dry season, when it is easier trekking conditions.


The Okavango Delta is still in flood, with a few waters starting to recede.  It is a brilliant month for game-viewing, before the hottest month of the year, October.   If you are lucky, you might start to see some migratory bird species arrive, such as Carmine bee-eaters.


Namibia is wonderful in September.  With it being so dry, game-viewing in Etosha National Park is at its best.  The days are warm to hot, and the skies are cloudless.


South Africa is a year-round destination, but the best months are the dry season, which includes September.  This is the month when the beautiful wildflowers on the West Coast are often in bloom and temperatures start to warm-up throughout the country.  September is a grea month to combine different areas in South Africa, from Cape Town to Kruger National Park.


Similar to their neighbour, Botswana, September is an excellent time to visit Zimbabwe and Zambia.  The days are warm to hot, and skies are cloudless.  Victoria Falls, which sits on the border of these two countries is not as full as earlier months, but still a magnificent site, especially when viewing from the air by helicopter.