Zambia has been an independent country since 1964, it used to be called Northern Rhodesia. In recent years it has been increasingly recognised for the un-spoilt safari experiences that it offers and for its extremely friendly people. There are 20 National Parks in Zambia and over 30% of the country is protected habitat for the wildlife that lives there.There are 3 major rivers that flow through the country all of which offer pristine eco-systems that are home to a huge diversity of wildlife. The Kafue and the Luangwa Rivers both flow into the mighty Zambezi on its way through Zambia towards the Indian Ocean. There are numerous waterfalls in the northern part of the country as rivers tumble off the Central African plateau but none more reknowned that the Victoria Falls where the Zambezi acts as the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and cascades some 111mts into the gorge below. The area surrounding the Falls offers inumerable activities, both peaceful and sublime as well as action packed and adrenalin fueled.


2-3 Star Accommodation

Our 2 to 3 star accommodated safaris and tours use comfortable accommodation that is booked on a twin share basis. The majority of rooms have en-suite bathrooms and very occasionally they will have shared ablutions. All linen and bedding is provided.

Adventure Camping

Adventure camping requires participation. Your guide and assistant do all the meal preparation, however we ask guests to help (on rotation) with the washing up.  You will also need to assist with putting up your tent and packing the vehicle.  There are some long travel days which means early morning starts, so we all need to get involved to make the day run efficiently.

Fully Assisted Camping (en-suite)

Fully Assisted Camping (en-suite) is the modern-day version of the ‘traditional’ safari - like the gentleman explorers Baker, Stanley and Baines. Today, the ox-wagons and bearers have been replaced with custom-made 4WD safari vehicles, a professional guide, chef, waiter and support crew.

Lodges and Tented Camps

Safari lodges are fully permanent accommodation built out of stone, wood, thatch, bricks, mortar or a combination of all.  Tented Camps are generally considered the best for a true safari experience. All lodges and tented camps feature real beds and private, en-suite bathroom facilities.

Travel Information


Current is 220/240 volt at 50 cycles per second. Both square and round wall plugs are used.

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CurrencyZambia’s unit of currency is the Kwacha (ZMW), formally ZMK which was rebased in 2013. The denominaions are K100, K50, K20, K10, K5 and K2.  It…

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Zambia’s native cuisine is based on nshima, a cooked porridge made from ground maize normally accompanied by some tasty relish, perhaps made of meat and…

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The rains in Zambia come mostly in December, January, February and March though the further north you are, the earlier the rains arrive and the later they…

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Proflight flies from Lusaka to Mfuwe (South Luangwa), to Livingstone and the Copperbelt and also does charters.Various air charter companies will fly to…

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Zambia has mild winters and the summer days can be scourching hot. Lightweight casual clothes can be worn all year round, with a jacket or jersey for early…

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The name ‘Chirundu’ roughly translates to ‘people following one another in a queue’ which hints at this settlement’s primary function as a major border crossing over…

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Livingstone, Zambia

One of the original natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls is a World Heritage Site and an extremely popular tourism attraction. Known locally as…

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Lower Zambezi National Park

Set opposite the Mana Pools Reserve of Zimbabwe, at the broadening of the Lower Zambezi, the eponymous Lower Zambezi National Park is a wonderland of jaw-dropping…

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Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park, which is Zambia’s premier wildlife destination, lies in large part between the Luangwa River to the east and the Mchinga escarpment in…

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Lusaka, Zambia’s cosmopolitan capital, is a typical modern African city. Set on open plains at the heart of the country, the city serves as Zambia’s rapidly…

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South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park, which is Zambia’s premier wildlife destination, lies in large part between the Luangwa River to the east and the Mchinga escarpment in…

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