How Far in Advance Should I Book my African Safari?

How Far in Advance Should I Book my African Safari?

For many, a safari to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is the outcome of years of saving.  So it is understandable that people would want to plan it properly and not compromise the experience by putting together a last-minute trip.

Guest often ask, “how far in advance should we plan our safari“?   The quick answer is “ideally 9 to 12 months out”.  i.e., if you are looking to travel in July/August, then we suggest you look at booking around October the year before.

For some people though, this is an awfully long time to plan ahead. Who knows what will happen over the course of a busy year, and to pay for and confirm a trip that far in advance can be a bit daunting. But note that the planning itself only takes a few weeks, you want to start the process well in advance.

Book your safari to Africa early.

The main reason for booking early is availability.  Many lodges and camps show very high occupancy rates long in advance, so to avoid disappointment, it is always best to book as soon as possible! Unlike Europe, America or Asia, there is less choice of accommodation options in East Africa and Southern Africa, particularly in safari destinations such as Botswana, Namibia and Uganda.  Not only that, but accommodation is also often much smaller and more exclusive, with many camps and lodges having between 4 and 10 rooms.

Whilst it is important to know what flights you plan to take before you book your safari, we strongly suggest you do not book your flights until your safari is confirmed.  Booking flights before you have your safari in place can lead to problems. For example, not being able to find a safari that fits your budget. Or, not being able to book your ideal accommodation, and being left with options that do not match your travel style or level of accommodation.

Book your safari to Africa early. You are almost guaranteed to stay at the places your heart desires. 🙂