Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance is compulsory for everyone booking safaris through African Safaris Ltd. Before travelling clients need to provide information about their travel insurance company, the contact details and policy numbers.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers you for:

• trip cancellation and interruption
• travel delays
• loss, theft or damage to baggage
• baggage delays
• medical expenses
• emergency medical transportation
• Most travel insurance companies offer comprehensive policies, the price of which depends on the total cost of your trip and your age.

When to get Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you purchase your travel insurance at or around the same time as you book your safari. That way you receive the maximum benefit from it as you are then covered for unexpected cancellation from the time you booked your safari, including your deposit.

Check your Credit Card Cover

Often clients are covered to a certain extent if they book some of their travel with their Credit Card, but this cover is often limited. We cannot comment on each credit card, as they are all different, but sometimes paying for your safari by credit card covers you in a very basic way. If you want more comprehensive coverage, then you may need to pay extra to ensure full coverage.
Some premium credit cards include extra benefits. But please do not assume you are covered. Travelling in Africa is a very different to travelling in Europe or the states. You need to research the policy linked to your credit card to see what you are covered for.

Recommended Travel Insurance Specialists

We recommend CoverMore Travel Insurance, who specialise in travel insurance, only.