Why use an African safari specialist?

Why use an African safari specialist?

If you want to visit Africa, avoid internet travel websites and/or mainstream travel agents with no experience with African travel. Plan your safari with an African Safari specialist who are familiar with the continent.

Here are some reasons why working with an African safari travel specialist can provide you with a much better experience.

Save time

With 7 countries in Southern Africa and 4 countries within East Africa to choose from, there are many safari itineraries and options available. You may believe you can manage to pay for camps and lodges, book flights, and arrange transportation and airport pickups, but it is pretty time-consuming, particularly if you have never done it before. Leave the work to an experienced African safari specialist who knows the procedure and has done it all before, many times over. Until you try it firsthand, the ability of a competent African safari specialist is vastly underrated.

Remove the Confusion

If you are unfamiliar with Southern Africa and East Africa, you will be perplexed by the logistics required in the planning. Allowing an African safari specialist to handle your travel is far more convenient.

Temperature, topography, different animal migrations, activities and experiences are seasonal. Going on safari at the wrong time and/or thinking you might see specific wildlife in an area where it is not found, i.e., flamingos and meerkats, can lead to a disastrous experience. And, even if you are an organised planner, it is easy to miss critical details when there is so much information on the internet or in mainstream travel brochures.

Your African travel specialist has personal experience and direct access to the partners they work with in Africa, which eliminates confusion and noise. i.e., there is no third or fourth person involved, and communication is direct and efficient.

More bang for your buck

Whether you travel in high-end luxury or a more conservative manner, everyone wants to know they are getting a good deal.

Working with an African safari specialist who has lived and worked in Africa is invaluable. You cannot put a price on the knowledge they hold, which they can impart to you to ensure your safari is enjoyable and you make the absolute most of your time in Africa.

As your Africa safari specialist works directly with their partners in Africa, there are fewer middle people, meaning pricing can be better, thereby saving you some money.

Professional Advice

An African Safari specialist has vast experience booking safaris regularly, over many years. Allow your African safari specialists to put their knowledge to work for you.

Fewer errors

If you or your mainstream travel agent is inexperienced with travel to in Africa, this should send alarm bells. You or they may make errors when booking, resulting in a disappointing experience. Every destination on the earth has its own set of planning idiosyncrasies. Sometimes, it is a local custom that must be followed, and other times, it is something as simple but crucial as time management while planning your itinerary.

Their African connections work for you

African safari specialists have many contacts in the African travel industry who can help make your safari run more smoothly, whether it is a specific tour guide you would like or a specific place you would like to visit. An African safari specialist’s contacts extend from residents in various safari destinations to African tourism board members. If an African travel specialist wants information, they can get it with the press of a few keys or phone calls; typically much faster than mainstream travel agents.

Attention to detail

It is easy to overlook essential logistics while planning a safari alone or via a mainstream travel agent. An African safari specialist who is knowledgeable with the necessary regulations of each country, on the other hand, will not let visa requirements, immunisations, clothes, luggage allowance, the sort of electrical outlets you need, and so on pass. One odd fact or detail may seem insignificant to you, but is routine and commonplace to someone who arranges African safaris daily.

They have your back

If something does go wrong while you are in Africa, is vital to have a competent African safari specialist who can advocate on your behalf from the other side of the planet. Direct support.

If you have ever booked a holiday online using one of the big booking websites, you know that if something goes wrong (hopefully not), contacting that website for help is almost impossible.

If you book your safari via a mainstream travel agent and need assistance, you will need to contact their helpline i.e., you do not end up speaking with the person booking your travel.

It is Simply Easier to use an African safari specialist

It is far easier to have someone more knowledgable about Africa and to do all of the work for you, thereby leaving you to enjoy your safari!

If you are unsure which safari is best for you, then it is best to speak with an experienced African safari specialist about your options. They can direct you to the best safari for your specific travel style.

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