Namibia – I want to break free

Climb the world’s tallest sand dunes. Descend to the bottom of Africa’s deepest canyon. Immerse yourself in history at one of Africa’s most important rock art sites, and watch wildlife glitter against one of the world’s most beautiful pans. Take a walk through the world’s oldest and driest desert and listen to the quiet and your spirit.

Namibia has vibrant cities where people are optimistic about the future while maintaining strong links to their rich cultural heritage. This country and its people are defined by a strong, democratic government, infrastructure that allows visitors to comfortably venture off the beaten path, and limitless horizons that beckon you to explore.

The Namibian band ‘The Fate of H’ recently released a cover version of Queen’s song ‘I want to break free’ – for you and for Namibia. Vocals are by the very talented Livinge Dennis.