The Last Lions of Africa

The Last Lions of Africa is a collection of stories from the frontlines of the battle to save a species. This book is an emotional read, particularly for those who have spent time in Africa. I recommend keeping a box of tissues on hand.

This book is a remarkable account of a man’s journey into the world of lions. Their disappearance and what can be done to save them, and Africa, which depends on these apex predators for its delicate ecosystem.

Anthony travelled deep into the African wilderness. He spoke with local village people, activists, rangers, scientists, and conservationists, about why lions are on the verge of extinction. And, what can be done to save them.

Anthony reveals the science surrounding the world’s declining lion populations and their sometimes confounding relationship to mankind. Every chapter unfolds as a gripping campfire tale and a thoroughly researched investigation of broader mysteries in the natural world as he uncovers tragic and astonishing accounts of individual lions, prides of lions, and habitats.

Anthony’s vivid storytelling weaves together natural history, ancient lore, and multidisciplinary science. And, depicts a world where human populations are increasing while wild areas are shrinking. And where lions and indigenous peoples battle not for land ownership but for survival. It is Anthony’s novel that presents the unexpected ways in which we can save the last lions, Africa and its people.