Can I book an African Safari directly?

Can I book an African Safari directly without using a travel agent?

Of course, the simple answer is yes.

However, why would you want to do this when your safari can be tailored to your exact specifications by African specialists at no extra cost? A safari planned by African Safaris Ltd will not cost you any more. And, it can be specifically designed to cost less than if you booked it directly!

Whilst doing your online research, it is easy to become overwhelmed with detail in this information age. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish between what is accurate and what is contradictory or even downright misleading. On the internet, anything and everything can be made to look and sound fantastic. Do you want to spend your hard-earned money testing it out for yourself?

When it comes to wildlife, while there are no guarantees in the natural world, the services of an African Safari Specialist can save you a lot of heartache. We can point you in the right direction to satisfy your African bucket list.

Unfortunately, not everyone who hands you a brochure is necessarily an African Safari Specialist. Therefore, we do urge you to proceed with caution and select a reputable supplier. Simple information, such as the below, can end up being very critical to your decision making.

Do you or your chosen safari operator know the following?

  • Safari vehicles are not permitted to travel off-road in national parks. This means that potentially the wildlife you see in a national park will often be in the distance.
  • That there are often private game reserves or wildlife conservancies next to national parks with much less stringent rules that provide a superior and more rewarding wildlife experience?
  • Where you can and will not be able to have the opportunity to see the Big 5?
  • That there are game reserves (and even national parks) where at least one of the Big 5 is absent?
  • The places where you have the best chance of having the experiences you want, such as seeing the elusive leopard or endangered African Wild Dog? Or, take a walking safari.

African Safaris Ltd knows all of the above and more. Why? Because we have been there, more times than you can count.

While the internet is an excellent source of information, much of it is perplexing and even contradictory.

Lastly, when comparing safaris or quotes, it is important to ensure you read all the fine print so you can compare apples with apples.