Sitting around a campfire in Africa

It is safe to say for most people on an African safari, one of the best parts of a day on a safari is sitting around a campfire at night.

Traditionally, a campfire is the focal point of an African community, where people exchange stories and traditions. This tradition is preserved on an African safari, where guests gather around a campfire before or after dinner to swap stories ad reflect on their day in the bush.

Campfires have a magical quality to them.


In the bush, around a campfire. There may be no better place to tell and swap stories. Watching and listening to the crackle of a “bush television,” as it is known in Africa, is the only form of television you will see in the bush. Stories from the day, and previous days on safari, are exchanged. With so many stories to share, it is easy to stay up late, soaking up the iconic sounds of the African night.

There are no distractions. No email. No Netflix. Around the gentle glow of a crackling fire, we unwind and relax more. Our stories are richer, and more entertaining. You are bound to discover something you missed seeing, whereas someone else in your safari group will have noticed. Sitting around a campfire provides your evening’s entertainment, and there nothing better than sitting back, watching youyr bush TV, and listening to stories and sounds unfold against the African night.


It is amazing how good food tastes from an openfire after an adventurous day on safari. When you are in the African busy, simple pleasures like a beer, freshly baked bread and chops taste exceptionally good. Of course, don’t forget dessert. Is there anything more satisfying than a dessert made in a duch oven?


At some time during a campfire gathering, your group will inevitably become silent. The night sky is ablaze with stars from the Milky way, an as the temperature drops, everyone scooches in closer to feel the warmth of the fire. There is no denying that a camp fire’s glow and flicker are hypnotic and calming. The flames will captivate you. Once you are captivated in those flames, you can feel transported with an overwhelming feeling of calmness.