When is a good time to travel to Uganda?

Uganda’s elevated topography results in a cooler climate than its equatorial location would suggest, but if you’re planning a gorilla trek, it’s important to know when to visit Uganda for the best trekking conditions. Although gorilla trekking is considered a year-round activity, the best time to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking is during the country’s two dry seasons: January and February, and June to September.

Game viewing in Uganda’s savannah parks is best at the end of the dry seasons, which are February and March, as well as September/early October when wildlife congregates around water sources. Bird watching is fantastic all year, but it is especially enjoyable between November and April when migratory species are present.

Uganda’s Safari Seasons

LOW (WET) SEASONS – March to May and October/November
March to May is regarded as one of Uganda’s wet seasons. Animals give birth in parks, which are lush and green. These wet months are also good for birding.

+Although these months are wet, the climate will remain comfortably warm-Wettest months of the year
+A good time to visit other Ugandan attractions, such as the Rwenzori Mountains.-More difficult to get around by vehicle
+Accommodation and Gorilla permits are more affordable-Some lodges and camps close down
+March and April are a good time for bird-watching-Forest trails can be in poor condition

HIGH (DRY) SEASONS – June to September and December to February
The dry months are the best time to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking.

+Excellent time for trekking gorillas-Gorilla permits need to be booked far in advance
+Clear skies, more sunshine and less rain-Accommodation needs to be booked far in advance
+Even though peak season, the parks are less busy than Kenya and Tanzania

When to visit Uganda’s national parks and game reserves

The best time to visit Uganda is during one of the country’s two dry seasons: December to February and June to September. These two periods are when circumstances are ideal for hiking to view mountain gorillas and chimps. Temperatures are consistent throughout the year, ranging from 24ยฐC to 30ยฐC, making Uganda a year-round destination. At any time of year, the country is a great place to go bird watching.

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