There have been lots of factually incorrect and misleading media reports recently claiming that the Victoria Falls have ‘dried up’ or are ‘at their lowest ever’. We’re pleased to report that this is not true!

Several of our team in Botswana, were at Victoria Falls just two weeks ago. We can assure you that Victoria Falls are NOT dry: water is flowing normally for this time of year. The Falls are 1.7 kilometre wide and, as the summer rains cause the mighty Zambezi River to swell even more, so more and more of the rock will be covered with flowing water, creating one of the most incredible sights in Africa. Some of the pictures used in the media show only 200 metres of the Falls, giving an inaccurate impression of bare rock. Over the coming weeks, this area will also be awash with water as the levels steadily increase.

The levels fluctuate seasonally – as they always have – but under no circumstances are the Falls β€˜just a trickle’. In the 1995/6 season, officials recorded the flow at 390 cubic metres per second. This year, the flow is recorded at 556.7 cubic metres per second – that’s almost 70 cubic metres more!