Some of our guests have reached out to us to see if there are ways to assist during COVID-19, by donating to projects they have experienced first-hand on a safari with us.  So, until we can all travel again, why not think about how you may also like to be able to contribute in your own way and to help to ‘Keep the Dream Alive’ for yourselves and for others.

For those who have previously travelled with us to Africa, you may wish to donate to one of the projects we give back to.  If so, please reach out to us at and we will put you in touch with the right people.


Maasai families own much of the land in the Mara Conservancies, leasing it to safari companies in a sustainable model that benefits their community and wildlife. To ensure this continues, Porini Camps have launched an Adopt an Acre appeal to help them pay staff wages and land leases that support hundreds of families before travellers can return. $35 protects an acre.



The Manji Foundation’s principle is to serve the underprivileged when one is still a toddler so that this becomes a virtue rather than a burden. The Manji family strongly believes that education is the key to a better life and has, for many years now, concentrated its efforts towards ensuring our children are empowered with this important tool – education. The Manji Foundation believes that an educated child will change their own life, and their family’s and of those around them. Besides providing financial support from their personal resources they take much delight to spend positive time with these children to help build their confidence and encourage them to excel in their aspirations to succeed.



Mother Africa Trust was established by Sharon Stead in 2006 during in the darkest period of Zimbabwe’s recent history. The trust works tirelessly to make a positive and lasting difference in Zimbabwe.  The Mother Africa trustees have always believed that one person really can make a difference.  Like natures development, change is often a gradual and quiet process, and we believe that through some collective care and nurture, the face of this resilient country can alter steadily and sustainably forever…

Today, their dream is an active reality and the Trust continues to go from strength to strength whilst seeking out new opportunities to grow and improve. Research and education projects have already been created and more are in development. You can read more about our specific projects.



Travel for Impact (TFI), based in the village of Maun, Botswana, is a social enterprise that links the travel industry with local community projects in Northern Botswana.  Their strategic engagement includes four main pillars: Children & Youth, Conservation, Culture & Heritage, and Women. Our work is carried out with community at the centre.

Travel for Impact aims to bridge the gap between the tourism sector and civil society, allowing visitors and tourism companies to give back to the communities which host them. This is responsible tourism. At Travel for Impact, we believe that conservation and development start with people and communities. Creating ownership and responsibility within the tourism industry is where we begin.



Rhino Rangers in Namibia operate in extremely harsh environments and need regular replacement of equipment, ranging from uniforms and boots to sleeping gear and tents. In July 2019 the Conservation Travel Foundation, in partnership with Cymot, a Namibian outdoor retailer, launched the Pack for Conservation initiative. This initiative allows anyone from safari travelers to interested individuals who may not have been to Namibia, to purchase and replenish Rhino Ranger gear online via a secure platform. The gear is delivered directly to the Rangers on the ground. For more information see the Donate page or visit