Lions are really like large house cats! Just like house cats, lions spend a huge amount of time every day licking themselves clean. It’s not just because they’re fastidious; they’re working to remove as much of their scent as possible. They sleep a lot! Like house cats, lions prefer sleeping during the day, becoming much more active right around the time people head to bed!

How Many Hours Do Most Lions Spend Sleeping?

A male lions spends between 18 to 20 hours a day snoozing, while lionesses get between 15 to 18 hours of sleep.

Generally lionesses spend more time hunting and taking care of cubs, which is why they get slightly less sleep.

Following a large meal, lions may even sleep up to 24 hoursβ€”talk about a catnap!

What Time of Day Do They Sleep?

Lions tend to be nocturnal, doing most of their hunting after dusk when it is cooler.Β  Therefore, most sleep during the day.

Where Do Lions Sleep?

To escape the sun, lions tend to find sleeping spots under the shade of bushes.

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