The Choose Africa initiative is focused on creating awareness around the far-reaching effects of tourism in Africa, encouraging people to make responsible choices that have a positive impact. Simply by travelling to a place, you are touching many lives, both human and animal, without knowing it. Sustainable tourism and travel that changes lives is the future – and the future is here. We’re going to give you all the reasons, the choice is yours.

Why choose regular travel when you can travel with impact?

Below are 4 videos illustrating all the reasons why you should choose Africa as a travel destination – the IMPACT, the FUTURE, the WARRIORS and the PEOPLE.


The impact of tourism is far-reaching, far beyond what you may realize. Simply by visiting a place, you are changing lives.


This World Environment Day we’re looking towards the future, and celebrating our future leaders and custodians of the planet. They hold everything in their hands, and we need to make sure we take care of them and give them all the opportunities they deserve.


Conservation efforts in Africa cannot survive without tourism. Just by visiting a place and showing interest you are automatically a philanthropist, you are assisting conservation without even realising it.



There are many communities all over Africa who rely on tourism for an income, as well as many community outreach programs that are supported through tourism. Their livelihoods depend on us.