Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park has been dubbed the undiscovered gem of Tanzania and is often called “Tanzania’s best kept secret”. Situated far off the beaten track, away from crazy camera clicking crowds this rough tract of wilderness pulsates the real energy of an Africa long-forgotten.  Visitors come to Ruaha to enjoy the dramatic landscapes and abundance of wildlife, with well-maintained roads and few visitors.

Dramatic landscapes, a huge variety of plant and bird life and an abundance of animals make Ruaha the perfect safari holiday destination. Situated in Southern Tanzania, Ruaha National Park makes up part of the less-frequented southern tourist circuit. Currently only one third of Ruaha’s 20,226 sq km area is used for tourism leaving a greater majority of wilderness untouched and undiscovered.

The central spine of the Park is the watershed between the Mzombe and the Great Ruaha river, with its dramatic escarpment above which are large stretches of miombo woodland. Below this lie undulating plains with vegetation ranging from dry bush country to treeless grasslands, swamps and evergreen forests intersected by the many sand rivers that are such a spectacular feature of this area. Ruaha represents a transition zone where eastern and southern species of flora and fauna overlap and in all some 1,650 plant species can be found here. Ruaha is a bird watchers paradise with approximately 526 bird species (more than half of those found in the whole country!).

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