Damaraland is typified by displays of colour, magnificent table topped mountains, rock formations and bizarre-looking vegetation. The present-day landscape has been formed by the erosion of wind, water and geological forces which have created rolling hills, dunes, gravel plains and ancient river terraces. It is the variety and loneliness of the area as well as the scenic splendour which will reward and astound you, giving one an authentic understanding of the word ‘wilderness’. Damaraland is largely communal land in which wildlife conservancies have been developed to encourage local people to protect and value the animals with which they share this region. Desert adapted wildlife that can be seen includes oryx, steenbok, springbok, ostrich, bat-eared fox, cheetah, black rhino and the elusive desert-adapted elephant. The ephemeral rivers that traverse the desert plains also create an oasis for other game that browses more vegetated habitats, such as kudu and giraffe.

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