Pafuri Walking Trails

Pafuri, in the remote and wild northern part of the Kruger National Park, is unrivalled walking country. Experienced field guides open the walking trails from April to October each year, allowing bush lovers to celebrate a rarely explored place that is as vast and varied as it is wild. The trail offers walkers the opportunity to focus on the little things, whilst also experiencing the rush of adrenaline when you happen upon the Big Five. Enjoy an array of changing landscapes, from bushveld to riverine forests, mountains to floodplains, and perennial pans which all attract a spectacular variety of animals and birds. Discover forests of fever trees, groves of baobabs and a diverse collection of wildlife. Highlights of the experience include visits to Crook’s Corner, where the Luvuvhu and Limpopo Rivers meet, Lanner Gorge and the fever tree forest. The trail is tailor-made to suit guests needs and there is a minimum stay requirement of two nights although a three to four-night stay is recommended.

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