Kanana Camp Sleep-out Deck

Nothing surpasses the freedom and exhilaration of sleeping out under the stars, with nothing but the African bush between you and it. This is slow travel at its finest, an opportunity to genuinely connect with your surroundings, gently absorbing all the noises of the African bush at night while your eyes feast on the glittering galaxies overhead.

Kanana Campย boasts one of the nicest sleep-out decks in the Okavango Delta, Botswana with a prime site overlooking a game-rich and beautiful pan. Because of its location, you will frequently wake up to observe plains wildlife gathered around the pan, warming themselves in the morning sun. The sleep-out deck is a two-storey tree-house located approximately 20 minutes from camp, with a restroom on the first level and an open deck with a double bed on the top level. After dinner in camp, guests will enjoy a night drive to the sleep-out, arriving to a lantern-lit deck and a blazing fire.

After dinner, you are brought to your sleep-out adventure, where the deck emerges from the darkness, illuminated up by flashing lamps. Allow the cold night air and African forest sounds to wash over you as you burrow deep into your comfortable bed beneath a mosquito net, and slip into a deep and restful slumber. Your armed guide will sleep nearby in his own tent, ready to assist you or return you to camp if you choose to return to your own tent.

The dawn chorus and the stunning colours of the dawn sky can be admired from the warm cocoon of your bed as you awake refreshed with the light of the new day. You can then take a brief game drive on your way back to camp for a hearty breakfast.

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