When is a good time to travel to Rwanda?

Rwanda Gorilla Trekker

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the dry season, which typically runs from early June to mid-October. This period offers the most pleasant weather with lower chances of rain, making more favourable conditions for activities such as gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, game drives in Akagera National Park, and hiking in scenic areas.

Rwanda’s climate is generally mild due to its high elevation, and temperatures vary based on the region. If you plan to visit the mountainous areas, like the Volcanoes National Park, it’s essential to pack warm clothing, as temperatures can drop , especially during the evenings and early mornings.

Rwanda’s Safari Seasons

LOW (WET) SEASONS – March to May and October/November
Rwanda’s long rainy season lasts from about March to May when the rain is heavy and persistent. October to November is a shorter rainy season and it’s followed by a short dry season from December to February.

Plus SymbolAlthough these months are wet, the climate will remain comfortably warmMinus SymbolWettest months of the year, making trekking gorillas more challenging
Plus SymbolA good time to visit Chimpanzees in Nyungwe ForestMinus SymbolMore difficult to get around by vehicle
Plus SymbolAccommodation is more affordableMinus SymbolSome lodges and camps close down
Plus SymbolGenocide memorial week takes place in April.Minus SymbolForest trails can be in poor condition

HIGH (DRY) SEASONS – June to September and December to February
June to mid-September is the long dry season; this is generally the best time to visit if you have the choice. During both of Rwanda’s dry seasons, there is often light cloud cover. This helps to moderate the temperatures, but also occasionally brings light rain showers.

Plus SymbolExcellent time for trekking gorillasMinus SymbolGorilla permits need to be booked far in advance
Plus SymbolClear skies, more sunshine and less rainMinus SymbolAccommodation needs to be booked far in advance
Plus SymbolEven though peak season, the parks are less busy than Kenya and TanzaniaMinus SymbolSchool holidays in northern and southern hemisphere - therefor need to book in advance
Plus SymbolA great time to combine with a Kenya or Tanzania safari

When to visit Rwanda’s national parks and game reserves

Rwanda has one short dry season, one short rainy season, one long dry season, and one long wet season. Trekking to view mountain gorillas is a year-round adventure; however, the dry seasons between December and February, and then between June and September, are the best times to visit. We cannot emphasise more how crucial it is to reserve ahead of time to obtain your gorilla permits!

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