Mahale Mountain National Park

Spreading out from the shores of beautiful Lake Tanganyika, the mountainous terrain of the Mahale Mountain National Park, Tanzania, is home to some of Africa’s last surviving wild chimpanzees and trekking in search of these incredible primates is one of the main attractions of the reserve. Other highlights include walking game safaris that take in the park’s diverse wildlife, hiking up the 2,460 metre Mount Nkungwe – the highest of the Mahale mountain range’s six peaks – and fishing and snorkelling in Lake Tanganyika on the park’s western border. While the park is home to over 900 chimpanzees, it is also home to a variety of other wildlife including: leopards, blue duikers, red colobus monkeys, giant pangolins, lions, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, otters and a variety of bird species.

Although sightings are never guaranteed, daily tracking led by educated and experienced guides boost your chances of seeing this distinctive species, one hundred fold.Β  Β After locating the local troop, you will have 1 hour to experience the chimpanzees’ playful antics and social interactions before returning to the lodge.


Mahale Mountain National Park Videos

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