Kabbo Houseboat

Kabbo is a San Bushman word that means ‘to dream’ or ‘reflection’ of a story – a story like the wind, a story which comes from a far off place.Β  Kabbo is a Luxury Houseboat, exploring the ‘Panhandle’ area of the Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana. This area is recognized as being amongst the quietest and most peaceful in the Delta, due to its remoteness. Indeed, there are only a handful of permanent camps and boats operating in this wilderness area, which makes it ideal for discerning guests.

When the Okavango River, originating from the remote mountains of Angola, enters Botswana, it is contained between two distinct geological fault lines which ensure that some 11 billion cubic meters of water form a single, broad channel, over a hundred meters wide and a hundred kilometres long, that snakes along the floodplain in a series of exaggerated S-bends and oxbow lakes. The plant life and desert sands act as a massive filter for this river, which results in clarity that has not it’s like anywhere in the world. Kabbo floats along this water ribbon-offering our guests the opportunity of spending time on this water wilderness, of experiencing the solitude and serenity of this beautiful river, at a cost that is extremely competitive.

Guests can expect some comfort on Kabbo Houseboat. She consists of 2 decks- the lower deck has eight en-suite cabins with sliding glass doors opening onto the pristine wilderness that is the Okavango Delta. This design offers our guests’ unrivalled views of the crystal clear waterways, abundant birdlife and the seas of papyrus. The Upper Deck is approximately three meters above the waterline, where the dining area, bar and sundecks are situated.

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