Tailor-made Safaris and Tours

Over the years, we have found that many of our guests want something different than an “off-the-shelf package”.  They want to create an African safari or tour that is suited to their own individual needs, time frame and budget.  Therefore, many of our itineraries are customised, tailor-made solutions to match your specific interests and budget.

The result is something we have designed with you, so it’s what you want and not having to fit into a standard style that might not be quite right for you. However, we do also offer some of the popular set date tours and safaris which you can join, as these are often a way to meet up with like-minded people and are a great way to see a lot of highlights over a short space of time, but if that’s not for you then we can certainly help create your ideal safari.


  • To make well-informed decisions about your safari.  What time of year to go? Which countries will best suit your requirements?  Accommodation level?, Mode of transport and length of stay? etc.
  • Managing your expectations – This might be the only time you visit Africa and so we want you to know what to expect without any unpleasant surprises.
  • Walk you through the range of options. Often when looking at pictures and reading itineraries, they can all look incredible and so it’s sometimes hard to decide which is best for you.
  • Aim to keep within or as near to your budget as possible.  Typically your customised safari will cost no more than if you had spent hours researching, trawling through websites and brochures and booked it all yourself.


We have a whole section that will help you plan your safari, so click through to there for some very helpful tips.  Or, you can contact us as follows:

  • Call Us – We highly recommend calling us as this is the quickest and easiest way to work through some of the questions you may have and for us to get an idea of what might suit you.
    • New Zealand: 09 270 9440
    • Australia: 03 9018 5625
  • Email Us – please email us via our contact form and ask us to call you back at a convenient time and we will ring you back when you are free. We would still like to talk to you during the initial planning stages and then can revert to email communication for future correspondence. With the accessibility and ease of email then sending documents by attachment is very simple.
  • Tailor-made Enquiry Form – Complete our tailor-made form below and then you can tell us just the important details.  It helps immensely if you can give us as much information as possible – as it gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Things like the type of accommodation you prefer, time of year you can travel, how many in your group, the length of time you can be away, any special interests.  Perhaps you have been recommended somewhere to stay by a friend, or watched something on TV that you really want to try and see, or it’s a special birthday celebration or honeymoon – it all helps with the planning and no request is a silly one.


The pricing on our website is based on a minimum of 2 people sharing and travelling during off-peak/low season. Depending on the itinerary, seasonal variations in costs can differ quite considerably, so this will need to be considered when planning your safari.


We know it’s long! But please fill out this form as much as you want to, (only the starred fields are essential), and we’ll get started on planning a great safari!  The more you tell us, the easier it is for us to understand what sort of safari will suit you, and to make appropriate recommendations for destinations, accommodations, transport and excursions.

We understand guests may not have a fixed budget in mind, but it is really useful to us to have a rough budget range, as it ensures that we suggest options which are appropriate for you. It also flags up when your expectations may not be in line with your budget.