Victoria Falls Hotel

Includes: bed & breakfast

Built by the British in 1904 as housing for workers on the Cape-to-Cairo railway, the Victoria Falls Hotel boasts stunning views of Zimbabwe’s breathtaking Victoria Falls gorges. Today, it is a well-known luxury brand. Accredited by The Leading Hotels of the World, Inc. Calm lily ponds, gracefully arched loggias, and spacious verandas with breathtaking views seem to have been designed with high tea or a leisurely gin and tonic in mind. Beautiful views of the bridge and gorges below can be seen from certain rooms.

The Victoria Falls Hotel’s history would be incomplete without mentioning the growth of Zimbabwe’s railway network. Sir Charles Metcalfe, a friend and colleague of Cecil Rhodes, was given the responsibility of supervising the railway system’s development. Metcalfe began planning the first bridge across the formidable Zambezi after Rhodes shared his vision of a railway line that would run “from Cape to Cairo.” The location was selected slightly below the Boiling Pot, at nearly a straight angle, and extremely close to the falls because Rhodes insisted that the bridge be erected so that the spray from the falls would fall on the passing trains.

According to John Creewel’s fascinating book “100 Years 1904-2004,” which chronicles the history of The Victoria Falls Hotel, it is “one of the truly special places in the world” and a treasure due to its “consistent attention to quality and standards over a century of operation.” According to him, “its close proximity to Victoria Falls, one of the most remarkable sights in the world…a spectacle unrivalled in the world” has been the primary driver of the hotel’s success.

The Victoria Falls Hotel, one of the oldest and most storied hotels in Africa, has earned its reputation as the pinnacle of opulent luxury travel by serving as a constant reminder of the aristocratic and refined age in which it was created. Now celebrating its 150 millionth fantastic year, the Victoria Falls Hotel continues to be the iconic place to stay while seeing the magnificent Victoria Falls, a well-liked tourist destination.

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