Karen Blixen Camp

Situated in the community-owned Mara North Conservancy, Karen Blixen Camp is set right beside the Mara River. When not out exploring the conservancy, you can sit out and watch the resident hippo pod belching in the water or grazing along the banks, view birds through your binoculars or watch zebra coming to drink.

Karen Blixen Camp is an eco-friendly luxury camp that gives a sense of the exiting explorer days when the savannah was seldom visited and elaborate and comfortable camps were set up providing a luxurious and stylish retreat after each day’s adventure. It comprises large luxury canvas tents, each placed with an undisturbed view along the Mara River. The restaurant, the reception, the lounge, bar and the gift shop with internet are set on a raised wooden deck and furnished with reproductions of Karen Blixen’s private furniture to fit in with the cozy atmosphere. The beautifully laid swimming pool offers relaxation and even a little exercise in-between game drives. Our resident masseuse offers a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments. Karen Blixen Camp is the perfect place to sit back and relax with a gin and tonic overlooking the Mara River and the wildlife coming to drink, whilst exchanging stories about the adventures of the day.

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