Kwando and Linyanti Wetlands

The Kwando and Linyanti Wetland river system is a vast, unspoiled wilderness area in Botswana’s northern region.  Rich in wildlife, this area is more remote than some of the other game reserves in Botswana. It offers private, informal safaris without any of the restrictions of national parks.

An abundance of wildlife roams freely between the woodland habitats, ancient floodplains and forests that make up these lush, unfenced reserves. The big game in this area increases dramatically during the dry season when the area hosts large herds of impala, blue wildebeest, giraffe and buffalo, as well as the world’s highest density of elephants. In addition, several packs of wild dogs are found in the area, and lions, leopards and cheetah are frequently sighted. Night drives allow for discovering nocturnal creatures such as civets, genets, honey badgers and spring hares. This vast, untamed wilderness is the perfect location for those seeking a unique African adventure in an exclusive and remote big game habitat.

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