Mozambique COVID Travel Advisory

Updated: 20 November 2020

The entry is partly possible. There are currently travel restrictions, only holders of valid visas are allowed to re-enter the country.

Quarantine measures:
On entry, quarantine measures of up to 14 days are applied. These are valid until further notice. After 10 days a COVID 19 test is performed and if it is negative, the quarantine can be terminated prematurely. The quarantine location cannot be determined by the user.

Important on entry:
A negative COVID 19 test must be presented. This must be a PCR test and must not be older than 72 hours. On arrival, health checks are carried out with temperature measurements. Problems may arise if travellers show symptoms of illness. Affected travellers must expect quarantine measures or entry bans. If travellers test positive for the coronavirus during their journey, they must expect further measures to be taken.