Pam (2017)

Pam (2017)

An African Safari had long been a dream of mine but as a nervous solo traveller I put it off. However after speaking to Claire I was confident in her knowledge of Africa, her patience and listening skills and ability to pick up on my comfort levels to give it a go. Going alone on several “mix and match” individual tours petrified me. Well it was the most amazing trip with my expectations far exceeded. Everything Claire said was correct, nothing went wrong and to top it off I felt safe the entire trip (even when I had an elephant staring at me through the tent). The highlight was mobile camping….nothing beats sleeping in a tent listening to the sounds of Africa knowing there are wild animals all around you. Elephants on termite mounds, puff adder drinking, wild dogs with puppies, warthogs, amazing birds, elegant giraffes, leopards, zebras etc. If Africa is on your wish list I would whole heartedly recommend African Safaris.

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