Jayne and Tom (2015)

Jayne and Tom (2015)

Thanks for the welcome back!   We had the MOST AMAZING time.  I will call you once I get through a couple more emails at work.  But you can rest assured we just loved it.  Saw heaps – animals, people, cultures…..LOVED EVERY SECOND.  And we missed hearing the hippos when we woke up this morning.   Attached are a quick couple of photos from my iPhone.  But I will sort out some from the camera and send them through to you when I get remotely organised.   Thanks for all your good work setting up this trip.  Everything was perfect and went so smoothly – as you promised.  We were totally well looked after. I really didn’t need to think about anything other than taking it all in.  Sylvester was a big hit at the start – and then things just continued on in that way. A wonderful trip we will always treasure.  Thank you!!!!!!

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