Graham and Nicola (2017)

Graham and Nicola (2017)

Nic and I went to East Africa with no set requirements of what we had to see or do. And yet, you know, we saw the ‘big five’! And we saw lots more – an abundance of giraffe, zebra, hippos, wildebeest, elephants, lions (including a hunt which resulted in a kill of 3 zebra and the pride feeding their 12 cubs!), gazelle, impala, cheetah, leopard (with its killed antelope above it in a tree), warthog, vultures, lots of beautiful birds, and too many more to mention.

But, really, it wasn’t just about the animals. The East African people, the beautiful birds, and the landscapes and sunsets were just as appealing.  Everyone was superb. The whole experience was uplifting.

If I had listened too much to some people here in Auckland before I went I could have been dissuaded from going. Now I cannot stop telling friends and family!  It is hard to not fall in love with East Africa.

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