Chrystine, Nigel, Zac, Holli and Letesha (2017)

Chrystine, Nigel, Zac, Holli and Letesha (2017)

Our trip was absolutely amazing, the Tanzanian leg was awesome, our Guides Charles and Inuck were fantastic, they were very knowledgeable about the country and animals, and they seemed to be able to put us in the perfect place at just the right time, along with managing to keep us out of the craziness of the other tour vehicles.

The tenting Accommodations were better than ok and so nice not to have to put up and take down our own tents!!! The public camp grounds were busier but still enjoyable.. Peter, Benedict and Innocent did a fantastic job with the food especially when you seen how limited their facilities were, they fed us very well and my daughter’s gluten free diet was well catered too.

We did get to see the wilderbeest in the Northern Serengeti, watching all those animals follow each other around the hills, seems they would cover a lot of ground in one day. (When we got to Kenya there was the river crossing at Masi Mara was somewhat disappointing as the tourist industry has had an effect on that with all the vehicles rushing in to see them cross the river.)

Tanzania was our favourite tour, the landscapes so varied at times, the animal viewing was exceptional and the guides superb.

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