Caroline (2015)

Caroline (2015)

I just wanted to write to say thank you for organising this trip for me. I got back to Johannesburg last night and I was a bit emotional leaving Rwanda as it really got under my skin.

I had the most incredible time ever! It has gone straight to the number 1 place I have ever been. The scenery is out of this world and the people are so beautiful and warm, despite the troubles they have had. Hearing about the recovery from the genocide and all the initiatives the government has put in place was really moving and I think they are an absolutely remarkable nation.

Had a VERY close encounter with a silverback, literally 1 minute after we found the family – came charging down at us and took the guide and me for a little tumble down the mountain! I ended up with it’s arm around me!!!!!! Apparently we just were in his way down to some food he wanted. I tried to send some photos but it won’t work so will send them when I am back home.

Please pass on to your partner company in Rwanda how much I loved Jean Marie my guide. I cannot speak more highly of him, he was just gorgeous. He was also very informative but in a really nice manner that didn’t feel like you were being lectured. I thought it was going to be a bit intense being 1 on 1 with someone I didn’t know for the whole 3 days, but he was so easy and chatty – he was just a delight. I was also incredibly moved that he was so open about his own experience in regards to the genocide, which must be quite hard to talk to tourists about all the time.

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