Luggage Guidance & Restrictions In Africa

For most first-time travellers to Africa the thought of the strict luggage allowance can be quite daunting. Most safaris limit luggage to 15kg, however this can range from as little as 12kg to as much as 20kg, depending on the type of safari and transport you will be using.

Not only weight is important, but it is also the type of bag you have. Bags must be 100% squash-able i.e., rolling duffel bag style. Your bag should have no hard sides and no wheels. The reason for these requirements is that luggage space in 4WD Landcruisers is limited, and on the light aircraft the luggage compartments are small and oddly shaped, so that why soft-sided luggage is a must.

Road based itineraries

PACK LIGHT! Luggage space in the safari vehicle is strictly limited and as such we recommend per person - ONE piece of SOFT SIDED BAG and a small day bag that is comfortably carried on one’s person. Your luggage allowance will depend on the type of itinerary and travel you are doing in Africa.  Luggage allowance will depend on the itienrary you have booked, so please check with us at the time of booking. 

Fly-in itineraries

Light aircraft flights in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda)

  • Weight: 15 kg (includes main bag and hand luggage)
  • Dimensions: 30cm, width: 30cm, and length: 70cm* 

LIGHT AIRCRAFT FLIGHTS in Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe)

  • Weight: from 15kg to 20kg depending on your destination in Southern Africa.  Please check with us.  This allowance includes main bag and hand luggage) 
  • Maximum height: 25cm, width: 25cm, and length: 65cm* 

* Your main bag must be 100% soft-sided so it can be squashed and manipulated into a small hold in the plane.  If the dimensions differ from above, this is not such an issue so long was your bags are 100% soft-sided.  Bags with wheels or suitcases are not allowed as they will not fit into the luggage compartment of the light aircraft.  


Storing luggage

If you have onward travel and need to carry additional luggage, please discuss this with us as we will advise you of the options, based on your schedule what arrangements can be made to store your luggage at our offices for collection after your safari.