What our guests say


Yes we are home with a big bump !  We had such an amazing time, everything went really well & far exceded our expectations.  We had a wonderful group of like minded people, 9 italians 3 french & 2 aussie ladies and 3 zimbabwean guides that looked after us exceptionally well.  We had so much fun and were very fortunate on what we saw on our  game drives.  

At moremi elephants were walking around our campsite & hyenas visited us at night.  We saw heaps, including leopard, hyenas with cubs & even wild dogs on a hunt.  No words can really explain how good it was, but you know what i mean by that.  We have some very special memories, and Africa is definately back on our bucket list ! 

— Lisa and Steve - Travelled to Botswana (2018)


Well, where to start?! This has literally been the trip of a lifetime for us and far exceeded our already high expectations!

Firstly, we had no idea that we'd see so much wildlife at such close range. I foolishly thought the mandatory binoculars were to make the animals appear closer. We were within 2/3 metres of lions, elephants and leopards and not much further to cheetahs, zebras, buffalos, various antelopes, wild dogs and almost every other African animal, rhino excluded, (unfortunately).

Highlights? Clinton himself was a highlight. He was our first guide and we nicknamed him Rambo! The standard he set was unsurpassed and we hope Hayley forgives him the damage to his near-new vehicle as we followed a leopard through dense mopane scrubland. The footage I filmed of the leopard emerging from under our vehicle to stalk a guinea fowl is National Geographic standard.

A second amazing experience with Clinton was following African wild dogs. At Moremi we came across a single dog covered in blood, followed him back to his pack and then we chased the pack (about 18 from memory) back to the kill site where there was an unbelievable feeding frenzy with mere ribs of an impala remaining at the end.

Another highlight was following a cheetah and her two very young cubs for over an hour as she searched for food at Shinde. The interactions between the three cheetahs were fascinating and we were thrilled to watch her stalk and chase three reed bucks, unfortunately (or otherwise) missing all three.

At Somalisa we searched and found the same two male lions on two different days with two different kills - firstly a waterbuck, only about a hundred metres from camp, and secondly an ostrich. These male lions are truly impressive beasts.

I could go on, and on! The guides were all extremely knowledgable, good fun and patient as we tried for the perfect camera shot. The accommodation you organised for us and the service was first class. Shinde was easily the best and their staff top notch but mobile tenting was an awesome experience. We're so glad you persuaded us to face our fears and include this.

Lastly, our special thanks to you, Claire, for arranging all this for us. Everything went seamlessly. Another guide with guests on the Chobe houseboat questioned our movements on departure and we just shrugged and assured him that, although we didn’t know who, someone would be there to meet us. Sure enough, there was a vehicle waiting. You have a well-oiled machine and highly recommend you and African Safaris to any prospective clients.

— Anne, Bevan, Marty and Sue - Travelled to Botswana (2018)


Our families recent stay at Garonga Safari camp in South Africa was outstanding. The accommodation, service, cuisine and safari's were exceptional and we will be reflecting fondly upon our experience for many years to come. Tracy is knowledgeable, professional, and responded quickly and efficiently to our many questions. No detail was overlooked. I wholeheartedly recommend having African Safaris organize your trip. As my husband says "Top notch, they hit the nail on the head".

— Kathryn, Miguel, Sam, Judy - Travelled to South Africa (2018)


Lauren and Michael – Travelled to Tanzania and Rwanda

We had an amazing holiday to Rwanda and Tanzania with the help of Claire of African Safaris Ltd! We were sceptical at first of the value of engaging an agent, having travelled successfully and independently before through other parts of the world. We learned quickly that having a specialist agent like Claire was invaluable when traveling to Africa. Claire is so knowledgeable about the different countries and options available - Claire made sure our holiday met all of our expectations, and then some. We stayed in amazing places and saw amazing animals, but what will stay with us forever was the quality of our guides (who we now consider our friends). We learned so much from our guides, not only about wildlife but also life in general in Rwanda and Tanzania. We can recommend African Safaris Ltd unreservedly.

— Lauren and Michael – Travelled to Tanzania and Rwanda (2018)


Truly Amazing! :-) My wife and I went on the 15-day East African Safari to Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar for our honeymoon. Claire and the team at African Safaris were a pleasure to deal with and made the whole experience something we'll never forget. Highly recommended company to book with.

The animal encounters we had were simply breathtaking. We saw the big 5 (which we renamed the big 20 by the end) with a long distance encounter with a Rhino at Ngorongoro :-) saw quite a few Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions, Hippos, Baboons, and you cant blink without seeing Elephants and Giraffes everywhere :-)  Our two drivers, James (Masai Mara) and Raphael (Tanzania) we're simply amazing guys and just made the whole experience for us. Both were so knowledgeable and friendly. They got us up close with many animal encounters, and had a great sense of humor.  If you’re considering going on a safari I would highly recommend booking though African Safaris :-)

— Richard and Amy - Travelled to Kenya and Tanzania (2018)


I came across African Safaris Ltd purely while searching online for local operators who know that region (Kenya/Tanzania). I tried with couple of big names in the travel sector but felt that they had no clue personally about that region or the intricacies of a safari. It was a blessing to get in touch with Tracy in first week of Feb 2018. Her responses and suggestions immediately gave the confidence that she knows what she is talking and I was convinced that I found the right operator for this dream trip for me. Tracy helped us finalise everything in a week & we made the trip on 22 Mar 2018. We have already referred Tracy and her company to many of our friends & family. We will definitely make more trips in that region & will no doubt choose African Safaris to organise everything. Keep up the good work!!

— Vijay and Anita - Travelled to Kenya (2018)


An African Safari had long been a dream of mine but as a nervous solo traveller I put it off . However after speaking to Claire I was confident in her knowledge of Africa, her patience and listening skills and ability to pick up on my comfort levels to give it a go. Going alone on several "mix and match" individual tours petrified me. Well it was the most amazing trip with my expectations far exceeded. Everything Claire said was correct, nothing went wrong and to top it off I felt safe the entire trip (even when I had an elephant staring at me through the tent). The highlight was mobile camping....nothing beats sleeping in a tent listening to the sounds of Africa knowing there are wild animals all around you. Elephants on termite mounds, puff adder drinking, wild dogs with puppies, warthogs, amazing birds, elegant giraffes, leopards, zebras etc. If Africa is on your wish list I would whole heartedly recommend African Safaris.

— Pam – Travelled to Botswana (2017)


Our trip was absolutely amazing, the Tanzanian leg was awesome, our Guides Charles and Inuck were fantastic, they were very knowledgeable about the country and animals, and they seemed to be able to put us in the perfect place at just the right time, along with managing to keep us out of the craziness of the other tour vehicles.

The tenting Accommodations were better than ok and so nice not to have to put up and take down our own tents!!! The public camp grounds were busier but still enjoyable.. Peter, Benedict and Innocent did a fantastic job with the food especially when you seen how limited their facilities were, they fed us very well and my daughter's gluten free diet was well catered too.

We did get to see the wilderbeest in the Northern Serengeti, watching all those animals follow each other around the hills, seems they would cover a lot of ground in one day. (When we got to Kenya there was the river crossing at Masi Mara was somewhat disappointing as the tourist industry has had an effect on that with all the vehicles rushing in to see them cross the river.)

Tanzania was our favourite tour, the landscapes so varied at times, the animal viewing was exceptional and the guides superb.

— Chrystine, Nigel, Zac, Holli and Letesha - Travelled to Kenya and Tanzania (2017)


My sister and I had the most amazing Kenya safari experience organised by African Safaris. Tracy knew exactly what we wanted and delivered - choosing conservancies to ensure we had a unique experience with a few like minded others, avoiding the over crowded tourist spots. Everything was perfectly organised and planned, with a range of accommodations from the more adventurous to luxurious to allow us to experience the best of Kenya. If you are going to Africa you must use African Safaris as the specialist in this area!

— Maria and Fiona - Travelled to Kenya (2017)


Tracy and Claire organised an awesome trip for my wife and I with a group of friends through Zimbabwe and Botswana. The game experiences exceeded all our expectations. While the accommodation, quality of the guides and the schedule that ran like clockwork were the icing on the cake. They listened to what we wanted from our trip and really delivered with their recommendations and the organisation. When we go back to Africa we won’t hesitate to give them a call. Thanks so much for a great time!

— Pete, Liz, Matt and Fiona - Travelled to Botswana and Zimbabwe (2017)